Memoryfacebook is a meeting place where people of all ages can gather to recall, to recount, and to share their life’s memories nestled deep in the folds of their consciousness. Quite often a haze of memories lights up, or dims our spirits and suddenly we either feel the spring in our legs, or a pain in our heart.  
Any of us, at this very moment, could be thinking about the place we grew up, our first school, and our Grade One teacher, Mrs. Smith. It has been a long time, it has been 20, 30, or forty years, and we may be miles or continent away. 
We remember an encounter with Mrs. Smith, our mum and or dad, brother or sister, a colleague or a boss, a lover, or even a life partner. Let us share with each other what we share with our own selves and in the process we become fascinated by both the similarities and the diversities of our memories. Let it all out. We might just feel better. 
Personal reflection is a universal seaport for all of us travellers. We all have to come back home, dropping anchor. At Memoryfacebook, the harbour is safe. 


About kingyahoo

I am developing a web site using Kompozer. As a novice, I simply cannot understand how wordpress works. I need to make a blog for my web site and I need help. Please contact me at Many thanks
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